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Fragrance Blending Bar ™

Best Private-label Bath & Body products, wholesale,
so you can
Custom-scent using any of 400 true
Fragrance Oils, then you will bottle them to sell in your
business, store, spa, salon, events and home parties.

Manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, salons, day-spas, resort hotels use our products, to simply and quickly have their own private-label brand.

Here is how easy it is…
~~Simply add your name to our pre-filled bottles of products
~~Easily and quickly re-package by pumping from "Bulk-gallons" into
consumer-size bottles, then add your own name.
~~Use our Custom-Scenting Concept as well!


Our Concept ~~ Fragrance Blending Bar™

Our concept is very simple:
With over 400 Fragrance Oils and good,
Effective Bath & Body-care bases,
you will become extremely popular do to the
exciting mood you create, with this interactive
“Custom Blending” experience in your business!

You can be innovative with our
Fragrance Blending Bar™ concept…

…Just blend 2 or 3 Fragrances together to
create unique and special
Customized Fragrances for you’re your customers
and now…
Your creative possibilities seem endless!

Our experience is that customers return repeatedly to
your Blending Bar, bringing all of their friends to
"Show others what YOU can do!"

Custom-Scenting our Unscented Bath & Body Product bases,
By adding fragrances to them in your store will
thrill the customers who love to watch the process.
You will make them feel special with this personal service!
Loyal Customers will soon want a
“wardrobe” of fragrances and products!

With your Fragrance Blending Bar ™ you will create a
Custom Signature Perfume that is exciting and
Unique to each customer, yet it is so simple for you to do!

What is Private Label?

Your Name & Private Labels go onto our Body Care Products...which becomes YOUR OWN Unique LINE
Small business owners work hard, so why not work to develop your own brand identity, rather than build up some other large company?
As a result, customers will return to
You when they need more products!

Express your own natural creativity to
Enhance and develop
Your image,
Your brand name,
Your business,
Your OWN products, at
Your level of investment, in
Your time and space.

Your own Private label means that you are purchasing products in "bulk gallons" from us, in order to create your product line to sell with your own finished appearance, with your choices of the following:
~~Your brand name identity
~~Your unique logo & "look"
~~Your own company colors & label
~~Your choice of bottles
~~Your own style of marketing
~~Your level of investment


BULK - What does this mean?

As a "Bulk" private label customer, you will purchase our various products in several “bulk” sizes and then repackage them:

~Most Bath & Body products are in gallons and unscented.
~Fragrance oils / Perfume oils “bulk” are shipped in 4oz, 8oz, or 16oz bottles.
~Soap bars by the dozen
~Pre-scented products in gallons ready to pump into consumer bottles and design gift assortments or gift baskets, or to stock your shelves!
~ 100% Natural, Essential Oils & Carrier Oils (over 200 of them!) are packaged in 1⁄2 oz consumer size, and in bulk, up to 16 fl oz or larger!

How Will I Re-package Products?

1. You re-package our “Bulk” Bath & Body products by simply "pumping" them from the bulk gallons into individual consumer-size bottles (i.e.: 8 oz bottles) and then apply your labels to them. Remember…You can Custom-Scent each one too!
2. You re-package our “Bulk” Fragrance Oils by pouring them into your choice of little decorative glass Perfume bottles for re-sale.
3. You re-package any of our 200 Essential Oils (100% natural) into Cobalt or Amber Glass bottles for re-sale.
4. Reference the Information Guide.

Marketing Options for Your Private Label Brand Line


If you do not sell in a boutique store, then you have the freedom to choose the products and fragrances that you like and the most popular ones to sell via other venues, such as:

~ Store-Within-a-Store: Set up a smaller Fragrance Blending Bar TM or Blending counter bar within an existing store, salon or spa!
You can offer both pre-scented and custom-scented products.

~ Back-Bar use: Purchase our spa and massage formulations to use for treatments, and then stock the shelves in the foyer/front counter with your signature line for retail.

~ Distribution: Develop a line of your own products and sell wholesale, to hotels, spas or gift stores, web-store, or gift basket companies.

~ Event Experiences: Event planners can utilize your “expertise” to hire for their next large event, party, promotion, convention, festival or fair. Fragrance Blending brings unique excitement to every event!

~ Home Parties: You may set up a Home Party concept like some of the larger network systems and Custom Blend products while customers delightfully watch! We hope that you have so many to blend, that you may have to deliver their finished products 2 days later!

Your Opportunities: clearly and simply

• Your OWN Fragrance Blending Bar ™ boutique or business with our exciting concept to custom-scent products, blend personal fragrances (perfumes).
• Your choice of marketing in other venues or use other methods.
• The capabilities to express your entrepreneurial spirit and creativity with your own eye-catching labeling, merchandising displays and gift sets.
• Your choice to set your own prices in your geographical area to fit those demographics, in order to appeal to a wider range of customers.
• Ability to focus on specific clients in specific industries
• You may retail and / or wholesale your line
• The opportunity to be part of the natural body care business
• To promote your own fun and more environmentally conscientious products.
• To refill customer bottles.


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