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Steps for Getting Started

If this is your first time ordering Bath, Body, and Fragrances for re-sale, the following checklist will help you get started
.  Please call us whenever you have questions.  We have 34 years' experience and are eager to assist you:  602-371-4676


  1. Complete your Inquiry Form so that we can help determine your first order to better fit your business plan.  The form will help us understand your method of marketing and aid with suggestions about initial inventory.
  2. Decide upon a  “look or feeling” for your line that fits your business name and image, and that will help to choose your packaging and labeling.  We offer bottles and containers as a service to our customers, but do not require you purchase them from us.
  3. Select and order bottles and caps that will convey your image and look attractive with your labels.
  4. Design and print labels for your product.  If you do not have print-ready art, we can help design with a graphic department, at a separate cost.  However, it is best if you have firm ideas, sketches and fonts to save design costs.  We offer ingredient labels for the backs of bottles.
  5. Read and select from our 4 STARTER PACKS and decide which products you wish to order.  Remember, those are only suggestions and you may add or delete.
  6. Learn the procedures from our Information Guide before you open for business.  Product filling, custom scenting and handling procedures are vital!  Train your staff thoroughly so they can help you maintain excellent customer service.  Sharing your knowledge with customers to increase sales will prove to be your very best customer service!
  7. Consult the Information Guide regularly for information about each product, ingredients, features, and benefits.  Also learn and use the information tips on how to ”Talk” and cross-sell various products.

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    Fragrance Blending Bar — Information Guide
    We  have written a 1 1/2inch loose-leaf notebook filled with important, helpful and interesting information very useful in setting up and selling your products. It is easy to use — and becomes a valuable resource, selling tool and desk reference!

    Aroma Terra Info Guide

    Our information guide contains these subjects and more!

    • Photos
    • Store Setup Tips
    • A guide to fragrances: some history, fragrance groups, suggested blends, custom scenting and blending tips, and the “How to Blend”.
    • Product Info-A full page devoted to every product explaining key ingredients, features & benefits, directions for use, and suggestions for products to cross-sell.
    • An extensive section with Aromatherapy through the centuries, its' practice, and important information which is otherwise hard to find.
    • Ingredient Reference Guide and Glossary.
    • How to figure your cost of product.
    • And So much more!

    Our information Guide is offered only to customers who purchase a Starter Pack (or reasonable adjustment of a pack.)

    Equipment for Blending Bar
    Acrylic Tester Bars: Holds 1/2 oz bottles.
    2-Tier holds 20, 3-Tier holds 30


    Tester Bottle: Bost Rnd+Rod cap 1/2 oz OR Cylinder Vial 1/2 oz
    Decanter Bottles: Bost Rnd + Dropper bulb caps 4 oz and 8 oz



    • “Tester Bars”- Custom Design – Two sizes of clear acrylic Bars hold either 20 or 30 Fragrance testers in 1/2oz Boston Round w / rod-cap. Use multiple bars to display 40, 50, or 100, 120, 150, and more fragrance testers.
    • Display racks – 3 sizes in stair step clear acrylic racks to match Tester Bars. These are larger (taller, wider, and deeper). Perfect for 4oz Decanters when a wall behind counter is not feasible. The smallest makes a great Tester Bar for the larger Lotions and Body Care Bottle
    • Decanter Bottles w/ Dropper bulb caps- for fast simple, “no spill” blending of fragrances into Perfumes and custom scenting Bath & Body products. (4 oz. or taller 8 oz.: Clear is advised, but amber or cobalt are available.)
    • Gallon Size Pumps – a simple, spill-free way to fill consumer bottles from gallons. 
      By NOT touching the product in gallons, you can avoid contamination of the product.
    • Custom Scenting Counter Sign – “Every picture tells a story”. This one conveys “Thousands” of words that will help you to talk to everyone! It is as easy as 1-2-3!

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    FragranceBlendingBarFIXTURE Suggestions for a

    The following information gives some general guidelines for the most functional and most desirable Blending Bar counter set up; however, you may arrange it in other ways, depending upon the available space.  You may even set up mall CARTS and mall KIOSKS and although they may have some space limitations, they can still be highly functional and attractive.


    Basic suggestions follow:

             1. A wide Counter top is ideal to "stage the show" and do your custom blending.  Below your counter is for stocking bottles, caps, labels, and supplies.  The floor space between the counter and shelves creates a work area for stocking gallons and fragrances, which are the main products used while mixing and blending.  If you operate a traveling event, party business, road show, fair or festival, simply use a table, counter, or set up a banquet table. We offer large displays to accommodate your Decanters and Lotion Testers.  Please inquire.

               2.  Bins: Inside the back of your counter, we suggest that you have adjustable shelves to set-up your organizer bins.  You will create your “Cubby Holes” with various sizes of plastic storage-bins (commonly available from general discount stores, etc). Adjustable shelves are advisable for holding the bins inside the back of counter.


             3.”Tester Bar Racks”- We suggest that you use the custom acrylic, “Bars” (we offer) which will sit on top of the counter with your (½ oz Boston Round clear glass with rod caps) Tester Bottles in them. Tester Bar racks are available in 2 sizes to hold either 30 or 20 tester bottles.  If you wish to offer 40 fragrances, simply use 2 of the “20's”.  If you wish to stock 50 fragrances, use 1 –“20” and 1 –“30” rack. For 100 testers, use 2 each of the 30 and the 20.


    FragranceBlendingBar4. Decanters of Fragrances: - Behind the counter, away from the public, the ideal is to have a mirrored wall of adjustable glass shelves, no more than 12 inches deep.  Decanter bottles in either 4 oz or 8 oz will hold the fragrances you will use for mixing and blending.  Make this design, be as attractive and eye-catching as possible. It is the focal point of your blending area!

     NOTE- If you don't have shelves for the back of the counter; then use another table behind the counter so that you can place optional, larger Tiered Display Racks which hold the decanters for easy, fast access.  (We offer those in three sizes and they match in appearance to the Tester Bars.)


             5. Gallon Display: Behind the blending counter, heavy duty shelves on either side of and below the glass decanter shelves are needed for displaying/storing the Gallons of Bath & Body product bases.

    Fragrance Blending Bar  
    Bottles and Closures

    Oval bottles Oval bottles
    OVAL bottles,Clear PETE
    -2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz
    BULLET bottles, Clear PETE
    -2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz

    -2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz


    We offer a variety of bottles, caps, pumps, sprayers, jars, and tops: — in several colors and many shapes and sizes. We have very low minimums, so that you can express your individuality with your Blending Bar.

    -2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz





    • Bottles – plastic natural (semi-opaque), clear, cobalt, or amber plastic; Glass: colored and clear, cobalt, or amber. Some for display, others for Resale.
    • Bottle basic shapes - Slim Bullet, Boston Round, Oval, Cylinders.
    • Tops– white and black disc caps or white flip-tops to fit all our plastic bottles. Over-size Push-Pull caps in black and white.
    • Finger Pumps and Sprayers – white or black for easy dispensing and spraying.
    • Perfume Bottles – beautiful glass bottles in various shapes and sizes. Princess, Cylinder Vials, Rollers, Cut Spheres, Squares and MORE!
    • Sample-sized Bottles, Tubs, and Vials – for use as gift promotions or sample
    Roller Bottles 1/6 oz Unprinted
    Roller Bottles 1/3 oz Printed or Unprinted
    Princess Round Bottles+plain caps 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz
    Princess Round Bottles+2 atomizers 1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4 oz
    Discaps 2 sizes, Blk / Wht
    "Flip" polytops 3 sizes Wht
    Tops:Mist Sprays 2 sizes,
    Blk / Wht
    Lotion Pumps 2 sizes,
    Blk / Wht


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