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The Next Step
(It’s a CONCEPT, not just a piece of furniture!)

Suggested Starter Packs for Custom Blending

We stock all Products, Tester Bars, Racks, Counter Displays, Signs, and bottles. You only need the floor fixture, counter, bar or table and a wall for shelves or rack for Fragrance decanters.
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We offer 4 suggested “Starter Packs”. You may SUBSTITUTE to fit your needs and the cost will adjust accordingly. Remember, these supplies and in BULK so that you may re-package into smaller, consumer-size bottles.


For Starter Packs

Bath & Body Product Bottles + caps

First, please note the following and plan your order as desired:

1 gallon contains 128 oz = 15-8 oz bottles (holds 9 oz) OR 2-4 oz bottles (holds 5 oz)

BOTTLES:                   Some Proprietors start with all 4 oz. OR all 8 oz. sizes.  However, we suggest starting with both sizes.  2 oz size is recommended also, for Give-aways, etc.

                                    Here is quantity of bottles needed per gallon:


1) PETE Oval Clear.
2)  HDPE Cylinder Natural Semi-Opaque. 
3)** PETE Bullet Slim Clear.
4)  PETE Boston Round Amber OR Blue.
5)  HDPE Boston Round, Natural -semi-opaque

 **MOST popular bottles, are the Clear Bullets.  Necks sizes:r 24-410 or  20-410


CAPS:                     1)  Discaps  2 sizes. They are smooth, black or white.  They aren't to fit flush with sides of bottles.  Are attractive, simple.  Much lower in cost than most caps. Black is favored. Most bottles' neck finish sizes:  24-410 or  20-410. Be sure to learn this!


                               2)  Push/Pull capsare “over-size” fitting flush with sides of cylinder bottles.  Are a larger, fancier, over-size cap.  (Push 'n Pull to open-close) Make total package 1 to 2 inches taller. Higher perceived value.  NOT always AVAILABLE…clearance now!

                                    2 oz, 4 oz – 8 oz (to fit HDPE Cylinders but do fit on ALL bullets and ovals)    

PUMPS:                       Gallon:  You need 1 pump for each gallon product (pumps are reusable).

                                    Tester Pumps:  You need testers for customers. Order Black or White #24/410 Resale:  Most businesses stock “lotion” pumps for resale


Fragrance Oil Bottles + Supplies

                                   We sell fragrances in 4 fl. oz., 8 fl. oz., 16 fl. oz., gallons and larger.  Here is quantity of bottles (for sale) you will pour out of 4 oz. of Fragrance Oil.   

                                                            4 oz. = approx.  4 bottles of 1 oz.

                                                                        approx.  8 bottles of 1/2 oz.

                                                                        approx.  12 bottles of 1/3 oz. Roller

                                                                        approx.  16 bottles of 1/4 oz.

                                                                        approx.  32 bottles of 1/8 oz.

                                                                        approx.  24 bottles of 1/6 oz Roller


FRAGRANCE BOTTLES: *Most popular size to sell fragrance oils is:  1/3 oz Roller Bottle.  Also commonly used are:  1/2 oz. Cylinder Vial or 1/4 oz. Cylinder Vial. Ask about:: Princess, cut- spheres, jeweled bottles, and others.


CAPS:                          Caps are included with the fragrance oil bottles above.  Special fittings, i.e.:  rod caps or orifice reducers are ordered separately and charged extra. 


TESTERS:                   Fragrances: 1/2 oz. glass, clear Boston Rounds are most commonly used for testers (filled about half -full). For each fragrance you offer you will need to order:

                                  1/2 oz. Boston Rounds + glass. Rod Cap-OR- 1/3 oz Roller Bottles
can be used as Testers


BOST.RND, Amber Glass-1/2oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz,16oz


Each fragrance needs 1 DECANTER bottle for DISPLAY and the blending process.

Also needed (per Fragrance) --1 amber GLASS in either 8 oz or 16 oz (for back stock) storage


NOTE: Natural Essential oils MUST always be stored in Amber Glass

  Please Note:  If you have a Bottle Distributor located near you and you wish to purchase from Them, please feel free to do so. Our bottle stock is not required, but simply a service to our customers.

Selling Tools and Supplies

• Concept Brochures - for Fragrance Blending Bar are colorful and informative to hand out or mail out before, during, and after opening. Just add your name and distribute often. AS AVAILABLE
• Aromatherapy Brochures - Provides history, properties and description of the most popular essential oils. Add your name to them.
• Fragrance Test Strips – special little paper strips that allow a fragrance's true aroma to be experienced. These are a VITAL tool in the blending procedure of multiple fragrance oils into one special creation!
• Poly bags -for custom scenting Bath Crystals. After they are blended, you may put into jars or more decorative Cello bags for resale.
• Cello Bags – special clear bags for selling bath crystals or gift sets of Body Care products.
• Ingredient Labels – available for all of our products. You are required to affix ingredient labels for bath, body and hair care products with the exception of soap, fragrance and natural essential oils. You may print your own or purchase ours.
• Tester Labels – to affix onto Tester bottles for customers to “Test” in store.


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Custom Made Private Labels

For Your Private Label Brand Products
We offer enhanced Private Label capabilities to include graphics and Your logo on beautiful, Full-color labels. (peel them off of the backing and affix to your bottles)
We currently offer 3 sizes of labels in vivid, full color with high resolution! Label costs are reasonable and available in short runs! Camera ready art work on disc is recommended and preferred; however, we have a graphic artist who can design for you. We use Adobe programs for art. Otherwise, we’ll use a jpeg that you send. Short run are on flat sheets. Large Run are individual labels with peel-off backing in boxes of 1,000.
Private Labels of short run small quantities are a rare opportunity and we are very pleased to share this with you. Contact us if you have questions.
DETAILS: Size-Shape-Quantity for Large Run or Short Run
**See below: If you are ready for us to produce 1,000 Full Color and Varnished professional prints (of each design) on 2” x 4” labels, your cost is $190.00, or .19 cents each. Order more than one design (of the 1,000 run) deduct 10% off of the total. If you are not ready for the Large run, then see the Short run: They are on flat sheets w/ permanent adhesive.

Min Qty Label Size Label count per Sheet or Box Cost-Sheet or Unit Cost Qty
Per box
**Lg.Box-- 1,000 2” x 4” 1,000 per box @ $190.00 box
Short run 5 sheets 2” x 4” 10 per sheet @ $8.00
Short run 4 sheets 1” x 2 5/8” 30 per sheet @ $8.00
Short run 3 sheets 1⁄2” x 1 3⁄4” 80 per sheet @ $8.00

Design and Setup
One time set up charge per size design. (Using your “Camera Ready” art on CD, with no graphic designing).
$40.00 one time set up
Graphic Art charge to design and set-up (Proof provided for your signature). We require that you give us your written ideas for font, colors, logo, etc., before we begin designing for you.
$ 95.00 per hour Design Time
Note: Please be certain that your artwork concept is firmly in mind before beginning. This will avoid costly charges to you, due to time consuming communications and revisions.

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Custom Labels

Custom Labels

• 10 labels per Sheet
2” x 4” Printed on our Color Printer

• 30 labels per Sheet
1” x 2.5” Printed on our Color Printer

• 80 labels per Sheet
.75” x 1.50” Printed our Color Printer

• 2” x 4” 1,000 BOX
Professional label
Co. Printed + Varnished

• Hang Tags, any size or quantity. Can be customized.




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